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Some example Divorce Mediation Essex cases that I have dealt with.

Previous cases

Financial Mediation examples:

  • Mrs A had assets to the value of £14m and Mr A had no assets and a modest pension. Vicky helped both Mr and Mrs A to a proposal they felt met Mrs A’s needs and that they both felt achieved a fair outcome.
  • Mr B had a mixture of gifted and inherited wealth prior to the marriage and they had entered into a pre-nuptial agreement. After separating Mrs B did not feel that the pre-nuptial agreement should stand and whilst Mr B did not agree, he was open to using the mediation process to explore options on a confidential basis to see whether a compromise could be reached to avoid the impact of protracted court proceedings on both them and their children. A compromise was reached with Vicky’s help and guidance.
  • Mr and Mr C were civil partners with a family home with little equity and debts that needed to be considered. They had two young children and wanted to achieve an outcome that prioritised the needs of the children. They were able to compromise and develop a proposal that they both felt would be workable, fair and meet the children’s needs.

Child arrangements example:

  • Mr and Mrs C had three children aged 14, 7 and 3. Their 3-year-old had complex health needs. Within mediation Vicky not only assisted the parents to arrangements they both felt were reasonable but also helped with the tools for improved communication moving forwards which the family needed given the children’s range of ages and the needs of the youngest child. 

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