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A brief explanation as to how Family Mediation works

How Family Mediation works – Family Mediation Essex

A brief explanation

The first step is for you both to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting known as a MIAM. You would normally attend this meeting separately and the purpose is for the mediator to outline to you what you can expect from the process and screen to ensure that mediation is suitable. It is also for you to share with the mediator any information you consider relevant, identify any concerns or worries and ask any necessary questions.

If the mediator considers your matter suitable for mediation, then a joint session will be arranged. The structure and nature of the joint session will depend on the issues that need to be resolved. Generally if child arrangements only are discussed your matter is likely to require one to two joint sessions, if finances only then two to three joint sessions, if it is both then three to four joint sessions.

If your matter concerns child arrangements, then the mediator will outline any proposals discussed in a confidential Outcome Statement. If your matter concerns finances the mediator will set out your financial disclosure in a document called an Open Financial Statement and any proposals you have been able to develop in a confidential document called a Memorandum of Understanding.

You may find the videos below helpful to gain a better understanding of how the mediation process can help you.


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