Details of the fees charged for Family Mediation sessions, MIAMS Essex, etc




This is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (which I conduct online and in person). I carry out MIAMs in Chelmsford and in the Essex area. A MIAM is also known as an intake meeting or initial meeting. Please allow up to an hour for a MIAM. A MIAM is only available online.

Joint session

If following both of your MIAMs, both you and the mediator agree that mediation is suitable a joint session will be arranged. Please allow up to 1.5 hours for a joint session.


Memorandum of Understanding – this is a confidential document prepared at the end of a financial mediation setting out the outcome you have reached.

Open Financial Statement – this is an open document prepared by the mediator reflecting the financial information of both parties.

Outcome Statement – this is a document prepared by the mediator reflecting the outcome following a mediation where child arrangements were considered.

Fees are per person and inclusive of VAT:

MIAM – £150
Joint session (online) – £250
Joint session (in person) – £300
Memorandum of Understanding – £150
Open Financial Statement – £150
Perusal of actuarial report – £60
Outcome Statement – £75

A joint session will be arranged once payment is received from both parties.

Cancellation policy

More than 7 days prior to the session – full refund.

Between 7 days and 48 hours prior to the session – 50% refund.

Less than 48 hours prior to the session – no refund.

Mediation Voucher Scheme

This is a non means tested government scheme that allows families to claim up to £500 towards the costs of joint sessions when mediation is used either wholly or in part to discuss child arrangements. The steps needed to claim the voucher are very simple and the I will go through these with you in the MIAMs.



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